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Home purchase by us lease? Learn more!

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In case of cash shortage, an alternative is to rent a home in the USA with the possibility of buying in the medium and long term. Does it make up?


To buy a home in the US, the buyer needs either have enough money to buy the house or buy a mortgage to buy the property. However, in order to acquire a mortgage the buyer must fulfill certain requirements such as having a good credit, a solid employment history and a significant amount of money to cover payments and expenses of the negotiation.

Learn how it works

A house sold by lease offers the buyer the possibility to become the owner of the house they are renting after a certain period of time. The current owner can offer this agreement in the contract and is known as lease purchase where the monthly rent can sometimes be used for the purchase as soon as the lease is completed. The contract can range from 2 to 5 or 6 years. In the end, the buyer can choose to buy the property or vacate it.

Pros of buying by rental

By earning time, the buyer has the possibility of trying to improve his financial situation in the meantime to buy the property he wants, as well as having the opportunity to live in the desired house and to know if the house would need adjustments and repairs.

Cons of buying by rental

One of the biggest disadvantages of lease purchase is the risk that you will not recover the monthly leases used to purchase your own home, which are usually much higher than the normal leases. Another disadvantage is the increase in the mortgage interest rate, which is unpredictable over the years and this can interfere with the monthly amount to be paid. Another is that when you buy a property with a higher price, because it is a long term negotiation, it is also essential to check the valuation of the property if you want to sell the house in the future or you may end up losing more money.



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